Digital Marketing Empowering Social Innovation

Digital Marketing Empowering Social Innovation

We have over 12 years experience developing digital marketing strategies & platforms. 

Strategies that are measured and tuned for performance

Platforms that interact with your stakeholders where they connect on the Internet

We organize your approach and tame the digital marketing beast.​​​​​​​

The Method
First Step -- Understand the narrative and develop the content strategy
The Narrative -- Unique Positioning
Target Audience(s)
Influencer Hierarchy
Keyword Index
Content Types and Creation
Second Step -- Choose the appropriate website construct(s)
Organization Website
Program/Product Information Website
Cause Focused Blog
Digital Learning Website
Community Membership Website
eCommerce Website
Application Platform
Third Step -- Implement the tactics 
Design and Implement the Website(s)
Establish Web Analytics and KPIs
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Implement Editorial Calendar
Social Media Channels
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
eMail Stakeholder Nurturing
Maintain and update website
Ongoing -- Review and Adapt
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